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Related article: Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 00:50:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: FREEZE FRAME #1 (rough, gut punching)[This is a work of fiction.] As I lowered the camera, the white-hot ball from the flash still
hovering before my eyes, I took what I thought was going to be one last
look at that incredible smile. I've been a photographer for almost fifteen
years and never, ever, had I seen a smile like that. Maybe it was the
combination of the smoldering blue eyes under those heavy eyebrows in
addition to the preteen child video smile that made my heart melt everytime I looked through
the lens. I don't know for sure. All I know is I couldn't thank my boss
enough for the chance to do this photo shoot with Shane McDermott.
From the word go, Shane was a kindersex preteen pro. He walked into the studio,
ready for work. He'd just gotten a job on a new soap and the network had
sent him in for publicity shots. He'd been through it all before and knew
just what to do. He was friendly and had the greatest laugh. And that
smile never left his face. Even as he turned and posed and I said, "Show
me angry," the stern look that painted his face always held just the
smallest hint of that smile. I spent the whole time preteens young cute
wishing for x-ray
vision; to see through the navy blue sweat shirt and tight blue jeans. I
could barely concentrate on the shoot, my eyes continually darting down to
his bare ankles. Those dark brown boat shoes hugged his barefeet tightly.
Every time he moved, I shot a cute preteen toplist peek down to catch a glimpse of his heel as
it lifted for barely a second out of the shoe. Every move was fluid, every
glance divine.
And when it came time for the last picture, it took everything I
had to concentrate on that ear-to-ear grin. I wanted to burn it into my
memory. So even as I was rewinding the film in my camera, all I could see
was that final image of those eyes, that smile. I turned away, worried
that I might be grinning like a lovesick puppy at the memory.
"Beautiful, " I told him, meaning it more now than I ever had
before, "great job. We got some good stuff."
"Thanks, " he said. "I do this a lot. Not a lot of photgraphers
can make me feel comfortable like that."
I felt myself blush at the compliment and I turned further away so
he couldn't tell. I wanted so badly to sneak one more look at the dimples,
the taut chin, but at this point, I was afraid it would be too easy to tell
what was on my mind.
"Want any without the shirt?"
I just about lost my balance. I had to be hearing things; no way
did these words come out of his mouth. black preteen ls I pretended not to hear. "Hmmm?"
My voice was high; was it a giveaway?
"Usually they want a few shirtless shots. So all the teenage girls
can drool."
He laughed when he said the last bit. Girls aren't the only ones,
I thought to myself. Fact was, I didn't think I was going to be able to
speak I was salivating so bad. I swallowed like a manaic, trying to clear
my mouth. I pretended to look at my clipboard, as if it held a copy of my
orders. It said nothing about shirtless pictures.
"Oh...yeah, you're right." I told him. "Almost missed it. Thanks
a lot."
I quickly popped the old film out of camera and fumbled, trying as
quickly as I could to get new film in. All the while, I watched him out of
the corner of my eyes. He peeled the sweatshirt over his head and tosses
it to the ground. He looked himself over. His chest was amazing.
Defined, taut pecs that didn't bulge out. The man had absolutely no body
fat. I had always found the slightly defined muscles of someone skinny
like Shane to be far more appealing than the powerful, thick muscles of
someone like Marky Mark. I could hardly stand it in when he ran his hand
over his abs. I counted six, perfectly shaped rounded-rectangles. Again,
they were subtle but pronounced. He gave his stomach a pat.
"Good thing I worked out this morning," he said.
The film in the camera, I started to readjust the lights. He cute preteen toplist
his arms in front, bent at the elbow, and twisted from side to side. As he
stretched, I cound count his ribs, each surrounded by thin muscles. His
arms, slight but cut, rippled ever-so-softly. I couldn't take it anymore.
"Shoes off?"
He had to be reading my mind! I couldn't speak. I managed
something like "Uh-huh," then turned to watch. He slipped the boat shoes
off. His feet were smooth, the occasional vein jutting out alont the top.
I had never seen perfect toes like that. He wiggled them, once free from
of the shoes.
"Ready?" I asked, surprised by voice had managed that much.
Shane nodded. "Let's do it."
Turn. FLASH! Head back. FLASH! Kneeling. FLASH! preteen pussy pichures
The session
went by so fast. I knew I couldn't keep him there forever, but every look
at that preteen child video
tight, tanned skin filled me with a thousand excuses not to stop.
We got to the last shot on the roll of film. He was laying on his
stomach. His feet were in the air and young preteen japanese
I could see the bottom of his feet.
His soles looked so soft I almost leapt over and kissed them. I mentally
measured his foot; it would cover my preteen lotitas face from forehead to chin. That
image alone was almost enough to knock me out.
FLASH! The session was over and my heart sank. I smiled, trying to
hide my disappointment. Shane smiled back, grabbed his sweatshirt, and
stopped just short of putting it on. He turned and cocked his head.
"Okay," he said, slowly, "this is gonna sound way out there. But I
could swear that, all this time, you've been checking me out."
My defenses went up. I didn't know what to say; I didn't want to
embarrass myself. I laughed, shrugging it off.
"Gotta look through the lens." I told him. "It's my job."
He chuckled; he could see right through the lie. He let the
sweatshirt drop.
"No," he said. "I mean, without the camera. C'mon, admit
it.... You were looking me over."
I laughed again, wanting now just to forget it. But I couldn't. I
turned away and when I turned back, he was right there. In my face. He
leaned in and I could feel his not breath against the front of my face.
"Did you like what you saw?"
I'm glad the camera wasn't in my hand; my arms went limp to my
sides. He reached up and placed his hands on either side of my face. I
couldn't help it--a tear slid down my face. I'd never felt hands so
powerful yet so soft in my entire life. He leaned in pilipina preteen models and kissed me. The
kiss was hard and very passionate. When he pulled back, I almost fell
forward. Instead, I placed my hands on his hips and ran them up his torso.
I finally got underage young preteens to feel those ribs for myself. I stopped when I got to his
nipples. I held his pecs in my hardcore porn preteen hands, messaging them gently. Those strong
eyes fluttered--he was enjoying this as much as I was. With one hand on
his chest, I reached with the other to brush the side of his face.
But as I leaned in to kiss him, he stepped back, suddenly alarmed.
My stomach tingled with fear; what had I done? He must have seen my
concern in my face. preteen penetrated He tried to smile.
"No, " he said, "it's not you. I just.... I don't know why, but I
want you so bad. There's just something you have to know about me. I have
a hard time keeping relationships. When I have sex, I like it....rough."
I grinned deviously. I had no problem with that.
"Take your best shot, big man." I challenged.
His jaw dropped and that sparkle returned to his eye. He took a
step back and raised his arms to a fighting stance. I took a step back,
bracing myself. Shane stepped forward, delivering a strong right punch to
my abdomen. I fell back, enjoying the sweet pain good nud preteen as it spread across my
torso. I never would have guessed someone of Shane's build could command
such force. I bounded back, ready for more. Just naked preteens bbc
in time! Shane spun
around and sent a back-kick into my chest. I didn't even know he knew
karate! The blow sent me to the ground and knocked the wind out of me.
I looked up. Shane stood over me grinning, bobbing up and down
like a prize fighter. I smiled back, calculating my next move. Before I
could act, he lifted his leg in a crescent kick and drove his heel into my
stomach. The pain was intense and it seemed he was trying to send his foot
through me into the floor. He laid his foot flat against my stomach. He
used his toes to pull my shirt back, explosing my flat stomach. He then
applied all his weight into my gut. Despite the agony, I focused on
striking back. I grabbed the ankle of the foot that was firmly planted in
my stomach and swung my legs around to sweep his other leg out from other
A surprised look crossed his face as he hit the floor. I was up in
a second. I sat on his stomach and pinned his arms to the floor with my
knees. His face was twisted with pain and ecstacy. Our eyes met and I
"Well, " I told him, " you wanted it rough....." TO BE CONTINUED...
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